Keep Passing the Open Windows! (John Irving, The Hotel New Hampshire)

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Staying Healthy
Everyone of us thought at some point of life what to do to stay fit and healthy. There is a good American proverb: one can never be too slim or too rich.

Today I am talking of being slim and healthy.

When we are young, everything we eat serves the purpose of constructing our body. By being young I imply the physical age: for girls it is until 21 and for men it is until 27.

Usually that part of life - after finishing school at 17 until getting married on average at 23-25 for girls and 27-32 for men - is passing at the speed of light. These are the most active years we live.

What is happening after that? We are getting absorbed by every day life, having chores at work, at home, with our kids. We often forget or say we don't have time to exercise and adhere to a healthy diet. We are gradually putting on weight and starting to feel worse. It is the time when the first signals of an approaching illness are heard. I would like to repeat that it is on average. There are men and women who are lean, sportive and active into much older age in life.

The doctors are saying that it is necessary to exercise at least 15 minutes a day. Well, it is definitely better than nothing, yet clearly this is not enough. It must be at lest an hour spent every day walking, jogging, playing games, lifting weights, riding a bike, swimming in the pool or doing anything else what is pleasant and repetitive.

At the moment we are seeing a trend, a fashion for being slim. The trend was pioneered by the public people: actors, actresses, TV hosts, politicians. At some companies it is considered irrespectful if one is overweight. Therefore fitness clubs, from very expensive ones to those in one's vicinity, are packed with people. And it is a good sign.

Every time I am taking a stroll in the nearest park, I see people jogging and exercising. I meet those people early in the morning, at midday, in the evening. Most of them are lean, and they look healthy.

The other component of our healthy existence and longevity is diet. Do we think of what we eat? I am putting outside the brackets the issue of choice. These days there are shops and supermarket chains for every income. Do we choose apples over candies and cakes? Do we buy fresh meet to cook or opt for a sausage? Do we fry food or steam or boil it? How much butter and cheese do we eat? Don't we think that switching to healthier stuff would do us good and let us free of acquired or upcoming ailments?

Let us not forget about children. They eat the adult's food from the age of three. If they stuff their little bellies with fat fried food, consume as much candies as they want, how can we expect them to grow healthy, slim, sportive, and eventually successful in life?

All the questions have the right answers. It does not matter if a one found them herself or has been assisted by a professional. We know it.



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