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The First Day of Spring
Today is the 1st of March, and it is the first day of the calendar spring. March is still a cold month in our latitude, nonetheless it's a beginning of the spring.

This year March is marked by an important event - the presidential election. Therefore there is much less talk about the beginning of spring.

This article is not about politics. It is dedicated to what we feel when the spring finally comes. The commencement of a spring is definitely enhanced by
a holiday, the 8th of March.

So what do we feel at the beginning of a spring?

The first thing everyone looks forward to is that the spring is followed by a summer. When it is in the back of our mind that the next season will be warmer and sunnier than the current one, it lifts our spirit up. The summer season is associated with holidays, which are always very much awaited.

The other thing is that we are thinking that as the weather improves, other things will get better as well. This holds true for the relationships, for business deals, for other tasks we must resolve. Lonely people are more optimistic about finding a partner.

When freezing stops and the day time temperature rises up to positive numbers, the puddles start drying, and the streets are getting much cleaner. This is a significant advantage over a weather when our boots, pants, skirts and coats are dirty from the mix of snow, rain, dust and street filth.

A real wonder of the late spring is that the nature is beginning to bloom, and the little light green leaves rise up on the trees and bushes. Birds singing on the twigs and branches add to the festive spirit.

The above list can never be complete, whoever makes it. Everyone seeks in the spring time something beautiful for him/ herself.

In any case, it is already good news that the calendar winter gave way to the calendar spring. After a while, the winter will fully give up to the spring. The real spring.



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