Keep Passing the Open Windows! (John Irving, The Hotel New Hampshire)

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The Day of Silence
Today is a quiet day after months of the pre-election hysteria. Pursuant to the law, the day on the eve of the election is supposed to be used by the electorate to make their final choice, not being impacted by any opinions.

I have not been making my choice today, as I made up my mind long ago: tomorrow I will cast a ballot for Prokhorov. I realize that it is unlikely that he will catch up with the favorite, prime minister Putin, but Prokhorov is a presidential nominee most acceptable for me.

Today I recalled the events that took place after the parliamentary election. Two meeting in December, another one in February, plus some actions like "the white band", car runs around the Garden Ring, people standing around the Ring holding hands. The actions indicated that the original protest has been turned into a festivity. When it happened, the protest began to deflate. In the last two weeks nobody doubted Putin's victory. At the moment it is unclear what we should expect in the days after March the 4th.

As the protesters belong to the class that has a lot to lose if the economy or the financial system or anything else collapses, it is unlikely that any meeting will lead to a resolute action. There will be a meeting on March the 5th, then, probably, on the 8th or the 10th, and then I anticipate the protests to dwindle.

Nevertheless, let us find time tomorrow, March the 4th, and cast our ballot for a candidate we feel is the best for each of us.



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