Keep Passing the Open Windows! (John Irving, The Hotel New Hampshire)

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Accountant restoration
It's surprising that after a long while I've been able to restore my first LJ account.

I recall I tried to do it in the end of June, yet it was not possible for a technical reason.

Honestly, I don't know at the moment how frequenrly I will use the account. I think I stopped posting anything to the LJ after my Dad was admitted to a hospital after a brain stroke on March 28. Being in the hospital, he suffered one more stroke. From July 10 Dad is at home. He is taken care of by two doctors from the hospital, a nanny and Mum.

For a while I used a Facebook account where I also blogged, alhough the FB is clearly not for that purpose. One may write into her FB page about interesting news, but should do it succintly. People are publishing there their photos, videos, post some cute pictures, chatting on-line. Yet they are not blogging.

Another drawback I found on the FB is that it allows to add as friends only the people one knows in the real life. OK, what if I want to get acquinted with a person from another part of the globe to learn more about their culture, traditions, events that are happening there? It appears that one is barred from it, pursuant to the FB corporate policy.

I must admit that the two social networks, Twitter and Facebook, that I have been a part of for the time being, are both flawed to some extent. Twitter allows short messages which are not responded to most of the time. The reason is that on Twitter people of the same cluster chat with each other or exchange news, yet others are omitted.

About the Facebook deficiencies I wrote earlier.

OK for now.



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